Terms and Conditions:


1.     Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

2.     The renter assumes all responsibility for returning the Boler and camping supplies in the same condition as they were received on the date specified, and may be held responsible for any damages or loss sustained during or after the rental period.

3.     The Boler and contents have a combined replacement value of $10,000 in the event of theft or total loss.

4.     The Renter will provide a towing vehicle rated and equipped to tow the Boler (1250 lbs) plus cargo (200 lbs estimated).  Vintage Adventures assumes no responsibility to damages sustained to the towing vehicle, should damages arise.

5.     The towing vehicle must carry valid insurance with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) and the renter acknowledges that any motor vehicle accident causing damage to the Boler is the responsibility of the Renter or another third party.

6.     Vintage Adventures is not responsible for any personal injury because of use or misuse of the Boler or any provided equipment.

7.     Any accidents need to be reported to the Police and Vintage Adventures (604)626-1607 immediately.  

8.     The Boler is equipped for towing on paved roads only.  Towing on gravel roads causes excessive wear and tear and may result in a damage deposit being withheld or the cost of repairing damages passed to the Renter.

9.     The Boler is equipped with a spare tire and flat repair kit.  In the event of a puncture the Renter is required to replace items used to repair or replace the flat, and may be required to replace the damaged tire.

10.   A late charge of $25/hr may be applied for drop off later than arranged.  Please notify Vintage Adventures if your plans change.

11.   Travelling further than 400 km from Vancouver, taking ferries or leaving the country is solely at the risk of the Renter.  In the event of a mechanical issue, the Renter will be responsible for all towing and repair costs.

12.   Smoking in or around the Boler is strictly prohibited and a minimum charge of $300 will be applied to cover de-odorizing costs.

13.   All personal property placed within the trailer is at the Renter’s risk.

14.   The Renter must be over the age of 25, possess a valid class 5 BC driver’s license, present valid ICBC insurance, and be able to demonstrate competency in towing a trailer, if requested.

15.   Vintage Adventures reserves the right to refuse rental to any party for any reason.

16.   A $200 deposit is required at the time of booking and will be returned when the Boler is returned damage free and clean.  If the clean-getaway package is selected, the charge can be paid up front or $100 can be taken off the damage deposit if the Boler is returned damage free.

17.   Payment in full is due on pickup and is payable by cash, cheque, or major credit card.

18.   There is a minimum charge of $500 per rental.

19.   In the event of a cancellation the following shall apply:

·       Cancellations within 24 hours of booking can be refunded 100%

·       Cancellations within 14 days of rental period receive no refund

·       For all other cancellations the deposit will be held as credit to be applied to a future rental